I got familiar with  HD streetwise by my Mum. She was invited by a friend who works with Chris Haddlow to come to a HD streetwise quiz night last year.
Through my PEAC programme we were doing a course on leadership and making a difference, I chose homelessness as my topic.
Mum suggested that I contact Chris about being a guest speaker for a "big Sleep out" an event that I was planning to have at my school to raise awareness and funds for the homeless. Chris came to my house with Shelley Hubon  to meet me and  we talked about what H.D. streetwise does , how Shelley became involved in setting it up, and how they could help me with my sleep-out On the 31st of July 80 kids from my school came to spend a night at the school sleeping on mats with sleeping bags on the floor, I wanted them to experience a night of being uncomfortable maybe what's it's like to live it rough or on the streets. My mum and my Aunty made  soup for us all to have and The Kalamunda Patisserie kindly donated 14 loaves of bread to eat with it we asked everyone for a $5 donation.
Shelly and Chris came to support my sleep-out and gave a speech.  I t was great to have them there to talk to people from my school and to make kids aware of what they can do do help people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
We raised over $500 and are hoping to raise more before we present the money to chris and Shelley at a school assembly.
My local paper did a front page article of the event!
H.D Streetwise has made me want to continue raising awareness in my community about the problems that people who are homeless are experiencing.
I think that my school may even continue the sleep-out as an annual event ( hopefully even after I'm no longer there )
From Tilly