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HD Streetwise - history and Developement

HDStreetwise is a group of everyday people, not unlike yourselves, who are working at assisting the homeless to reclaim their HOPE, COMFORT and DIGNITY. Our subtle and inventive fund raising efforts, both in cash and kind, over the past ten years, often have been the opening actions in now long running fund raising and support programs.

​Early Days – what developed into HDStreetwise
Shelley was inspired to invent fundraising schemes that would enable people to contribute but not necessarily pay out any money; this is her special gift to the cause of giving hope, comfort and dignity back to the homeless. She has designed a variety of subtle and inventive fund raising efforts, both in cash and kind, which have developed into now long running fund raising and support programs. The first three programs that Shelley developed (all of which are still well and truly going strong to this day), in their order of 'creation' were:

​ Backpacks and Water Bottles – Shelley was particularly struck by the number of homeless people who carry their few belongings in supermarket bags. This is obviously unsafe and inconvenient. Many of the homeless also had no ready access to drinking water. She thought of the many backpacks and water bottles languishing in cupboards unloved and unused and put out an appeal. Five years later, many people still know her as the ‘bag lady’ and this simple but gracious idea has been a boon to many of Perth’s homeless young people.

Bathroom Manchester and Toiletries – How many of us pick up those bottles of shampoo, and soaps from hotel rooms; thinking we will find a use for them one day, but then they just lie in the bottom drawer and go to waste. Others change their bathroom décor and find it necessary to change their™Manchester. Shelley again thought, “What a waste”; how easy would it be to channel these items to people who really need them? The answer was very easy indeed, and so the bathroom program began and is ongoing today, bringing much needed comfort and hygiene to many of Perth’s homeless people.

​ Homeless Birthdays - Each year we should take the time to celebrate our entrance and existence in this world. The Homeless also deserve to feel Special on this day. Shelley has been running, for over three years now, a scheme to sponsor the birthdays of the residents in homeless hostels. Through her contacts with business people around this city, she has been able to arrange for birthday presents to be delivered to the residents on their birthdays. The boost to morale and self-esteem, that these gifts from people who the recipients do not know, is immeasurable. Such gracious generosity has caused some people to return to their families, or get back to work and many other minor miracles have stemmed from the agape love shown through this program.

The help of family, friends, and work colleagues grows into a Committee
In the early days Shelley carried these programs along on her own, but soon family and friends gathered around, a group of volunteers built up and most of the members of the staff of her business contributed in their own way to the growth of Shelley's charitable activities. Eventually, by 2010, Shelley was able to bring enough of her friends together to form a committee, which now works, with Shelley, to develop and promote the activities of HDStreetwise. This is the central core of the group of everyday people, not unlike yourselves, who are working at assisting the homeless to reclaim their HOPE, COMFORT and DIGNITY.
The Committee spreads it wings, so to say
With the advent of a committee, Shelley was able to plan and conduct even more adventurous and sizeable fund raising activities. These larger and bolder fund raising events have included a fashion show in 2011, garage sales, and, later this year, a Quiz Night. Shelley’s biggest and boldest, though, is the Adventure on Wheels ™, which is a family fun day that requires participants to follow cryptic clues to find various check points throughout the Perth Metropolitan area while enjoying fun activities along the way. There have now been six of these, the most recent being held on October 28th 2012. The very first one in 2010 was particularly focused on raising funds to support the development of a training program for hospitality workers. Since then over $5,000 has been raised, by this small group of dedicated and concerned everyday people.

recent programs

The quiz night was a huge success with loads of fun and prizes to be won


Every year we are lucky to have so many wonderful people volunteer there time and produce for our charity.

​We need your help too

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and keep warm.

Shelley first started helping the homeless while she was working at St John of God Hospital, Subiaco, where she was actively involved in their outreach program. She organized a morning tea within her department and $1,500 was raised, which was graciously matched by the hospital’s outreach program. That idea was then copied by most of the departments around the hospital, and this has been an ongoing source of many funds. Shelley then visited St Vincent de Paul and saw the plight of many of Perth’s homeless first hand. In early 2007, Shelley began her own business and included the importance of continuing her charity work as a central idea in her business ethos. That business was called Hardrive, and that is where the HD, in HDStreetwise, comes from


Government Statistics of the Homeless in Western Australia


In WA there are 4,500 young people who are homeless, living rough or ‘couch surfing’ every night. On any given night in Australia 105,000 people are homeless. Nearly half are under the age of 25. That’s 44,500 young Australians whom are without safe, secure shelter. Youth aged 15-25 make up 50% of the total homeless population in the country. Young peoples’ homelessness is caused by family breakdown and violence. Poverty and lack of affordable housing underpins and compounds the situation. There are nearly 10,000 homeless school students in Australia aged between 12 and 18 years old. Statistically 45% of homeless young people identify interpersonal relationship problems including family violence and parent/adolescent conflict as the primary reason for becoming homeless. The next most common reasons are accommodation issues (18%) such as being evicted or unable to find suitable accommodation and financial reasons (14%) such as unable to pay rent or other financial difficulty Young people require safety and security, trust, and an appropriate support network for them to succeed at anything.

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